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Inter CT Alumni

Dear Inter CT FC / Everton America Alumni,

There is an excitement building at the club because in 2023 we are finally installing a turf facility to replace the track field at All Saints. Our intention is to replace the track area with an 11 v 11 field and a 9 v 9 field along with upgrades to the clubhouse to install bathrooms and a spectator viewing area.

Families within the club are pushing our fundraising efforts to achieve our goals and indeed, should we exceed our expectations, we will finance more to ensure that we provide the most excellent facility we can for our players.

Check out our news story here - We also want to use this opportunity to engage better with our alumni.

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Gold Membership

Silver membership

Bronze Membership

Through more engagement with our alumni we will seek to have you play a major role in the future of the club. Our engagement will be continuous and will seek to

> Hold alumni days throughout the year, including an alumni opening where we host former families to experience the new facility.

> U23 and possibly over 30 / over 40 and over 50 teams playing out of All Saints

> Alumni Coaching/Referee community to get former players and parents engaged in the well being of the club

> Newsletter to keep up to date with everything Inter CT FC

> Alumni International Trips - See a live premier league game or champions league game or maybe join a golf tour

And much much more.

So we are asking you all for your help in providing an unmatched experience to all our families, past and present.

How can you help?

For those of you that have graced the All Saints field you may enjoy this humorous logo on our shirts and hoodies as a one time purchase -

If you would like to make a significant donation you can donate here - and we will send you a gift from the club when you do.

Donations can be considered tax deductible because they are made to our 501(c)3 Football4All and if you need you can request a receipt of your donation. I refer you to the news article again to see ways in which our current families are donating - news_article/show/1252557

If you want to provide long term support for the field construction and our scholarship fund, we are providing the opportunity to subscribe to the club and pay weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually in return for an alumni package.

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Packages will include everything from Inter items and apparel to first choice on rentals, percentages off camps and clinics, free access to indoor space for parent games and much more more.

The Registration "Inter CT Alumni" is not currently available.

The Registration "Inter CT Alumni" is not currently available.

Unable to join our membership? Please consider supporting us in the following ways

Purchase from our fan shop

Donate to our charity

Become a club sponsor