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Core Values

Inter CT Core Values

Respect The Game,  Respect Your Teammates, Respect Your Family, Respect Yourself.

We believe these core values guide our players in being confident yet humble, excellent yet selfless, hard-working and accountable, competitive, and fun, along with being passionate about the game.

We encourage our players to be tenacious and brave and seek to build our players' self-belief by asking them to take a chance on themselves.

We reiterate the three "As" of performance potential in terms of necessity. Attitude - Application - Ability.


This comes first and is paramount to success in our club. If you embrace the core values, then you begin with the right attitude. Upon this foundation, great things can be achieved.


Once the attitude is established, the effort comes that much easier. When a player works hard, they improve their strength, skill, and knowledge of the game very quickly.


The final and not the least important of the "A's" but certainly the one that is affected the most by the prior two. Regardless of ability, our players must know that their improvements and chances of advancement are enhanced or limited based on their Attitude and Application.

When all three INTERtwine, there is a real chance of enjoyment, growth, and success.