1 - Create the culture:

We wanted to make sure you all know that we are a family and a community and that we have yours and your children’s best interests at heart.

Any quality organization is built on a strong cultural foundation and the fact that we are getting through this challenging time together is a reflection I think of the culture that we all create.

So we thank you so very much for being part of our Inter CT FC family.

2 - Build the environment:

With the tools at our immediate disposal, we sought out to make All Saints look that bit more appealing. With barriers around fields and putting Leon's town planning background into practice, we hope you have seen an effort to make the most out of our facilities. We will continue to do this and some of you may know that we have spoken with four turf companies as well as the diocese of Bridgeport about substantially renovating our facility to make it one of the best in the North East. As more clarity arrives on our end, we will in turn share the goals, plans, and steps with you all. 

3 - Provide the platform:

We are fortunate to have competed in the NPL and now most recently with our acceptance into the National League, the platform for all our teams allows our players to progress to collegiate level soccer at an ever-increasing rate.

We have in the past lost some players at the younger age groups as they seek to compete in the Development Academy (now the MLS next). We have now taken steps to ensure no player ever feels the need to search for an environment other than ours.