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Covid-19 & Inter CT FAQ's

By Inter CT FC, 03/19/20, 10:45PM EDT


As new questions come in, we will add them. Please also play the audio as our "Inter view" gives some more in-depth answers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We wanted to share the answers to the questions we have received regarding Corvid-19, our online platform and the season ahead.

What is going to happen to the spring season?

Right now we know that we are pushed back until April 30th as mandated by U.S. Soccer. We are aware that this start date may be extended further for the health and safety of us all. As soon as we hear any updates we’ll be sharing that information. We will fulfill the season, even if it continues into the summer.

What will happen to summer camps?

If the spring season gets pushed back to the summer months, our season will take precedence. Summer camps will run on a limited scale to give opportunities for new players, those wanting additional training to get better, as well as the important role of childcare whilst parents, are working. Camps may run in the morning and Team training at night

What if residential is canceled?

We are going ahead as planned but in the event that it is canceled we will defer the camp until July 2021. The school has not indicated that it will get canceled. We are in constant contact.

What should the players be doing during this downtime?

Our staff have worked very hard to provide one of the leading online platforms in the state and are continuing to make plenty of online content available to our players.  If you have not already done so, check out the professional-looking platform here - 

Why haven't you been strict with homework and soccer assignments or mandatory check-in?

Having spoken to parents in the last couple of weeks and having been informed of the challenges of homeschooling and the new environment we didn’t want to increase the workload and stress that parents and players are under. We want soccer to be an escape from the tedious challenges of the day and something that players want to commit to. We have a four-phase plan knowing that players will be asked to stay at home for a considerable time.

What is your four-phase plan?

  1. 1 - Get an online platform up early and available to all. Increase social media presence. Provide online education based on player's recent evaluations.
  2. 2 - Provide structure with daily plans to do at home. Tactical Webinars providing much needed visual education whilst getting older players together. Personal calls to each family.
  3. 3 - Create a social element within teams. Zoom meetings as teams, club challenges, and opportunities to tell coaches more about you.

4 - Once people are used to being at home we can add accountability and virtual learning with feedback on the skills completed.

Why are you not doing the same as other clubs?

Whereas other clubs are outsourcing their online content to third party providers we felt it was much more important to create and provide our own content that will be invaluable to us in the future. 

This content ties in with our vision, our philosophies, and our curriculum and core competencies. 

Does my son/daughter have a place at your club moving forward?

Yes, absolutely. We are a family and we don’t want any of our members to feel as if they are in limbo. No tryouts necessary, we have a spot for everyone in our club. Check out the special offers on our early acceptance page.

Once the season gets up and running we may look to hold tryouts for outside players, only to fill any roster spots.

Why are you asking us to renew now?

Players that were going to join us for the spring (open roster spots and U7 players) will now only join us once the season starts. This left a financial void during the time of the year when cash flow is at it's lowest. Membership renewals would typically begin annually in April so we are just one month from renewal season anyway. We had been advised by our parent advisory board that if we were honest and upfront with the situation and our members would support us by committing early to help fill the void. This has run true.

 We also want players to be sure they have a place to play when the soccer season gets back up and running and we also want to continue to provide excellent service off the field and secure the futures of the club.

Would you consider spreading the cost of tuition over 12 months?

We currently are offering excellent packages when players renew their membership with the club. One of the options includes the option to pay monthly through March 2021. 

Will staff be laid off because of the Corona Virus and with there being no soccer?

We are planning for the worst and hoping that we have a best-case scenario outcome. This is the reason why we are furloughing staff. 

With the league likely to run into the summer, there is uncertainty over camps and the amount of revenue that can be generated. Summer camp revenue makes up a significant part of our full-time staff salaries. 

The reality is that the soccer world is under threat by the Coronavirus and there have been coaches laid off at other clubs in our area whilst other clubs have closed completely.  

If the season is extended into summer, will the fall start later?

Right now we are hoping that if the spring season runs into the summer that there will be a small break and the fall season will start as usual. We do anticipate fall season starting as usual immediately after Labor Day. 

Will the end of season banquet be canceled?

If the end of season banquet is canceled, rest assured that whenever we do start up again there will be a celebration to celebrate all we do together and for sticking together through one of the most difficult periods of our time. 

Please check out our new "Office Hours" page in which you can book a time to speak with Leon or Marty regarding any questions you may have. [See the Office Hours page here]