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Registration, Residential, Refunds and Credits

By Marty Walker, 04/29/20, 1:30PM EDT


Hello Inter CT FC family, 

I hope this finds you all safe and healthy in this continuing time of uncertainty. We thank you all for your attendance at classes, webinars and by continuing to carry out the soccer in isolation tasks every weeks. 

There has been some movement in the last 48 hours regarding a return to soccer and the wheels starting to turn in that regard. US Soccer has announced that as of May 18th they will start to get the national soccer cogs spinning again with states having the opportunity to return to the game gradually. We are still awaiting specific details on what that means for Connecticut and the North East but it is encouraging in terms of actually getting to hold our season.


We have sent out invitations for our teams for next year we have received a great response so far. We will be sending out invitations to players outside the club who have expressed an interest in joining us. These invitations will be going out over the weekend. If you have anyone that is interested in joining our club for the 2020/2021 season please feel free to have them contact me at 

On your team offer page you will have three options 

Option 1 - register for the 2020/2021 season and pay now.

This is for those of you that are in a position to do so right now given the fact that this is the usual time of year when we are already in the renewal process. 

Option 2 - register for the 2020/2021 season and pay later (or pay by check)

We understand that times are different and that budgeting is important and that soccer in 2020/2021 might not be the priority right now. We do however want you to know that you have a place to play and can still register but pay later (in full or through plan and online or by check). 

This offers us the opportunity to start to build the rosters for 2020/2021 and offers our families the safety net that they are registered to play. 

Option 3 - inform us that you are not returning and where possible let us know why. 

Whether it is relocation or another sport takes priority over soccer, we are keen to understand why some people decide not to return. We are excited for the players who are excelling in other sports and we have heard some nice stories about families relocating to some really cool places across the world. We may come visit. 

With these options now available to all of our families we have been fielding questions about cancellations and the plans if the worst happens. 

Obviously with the news coming out of US Soccer we are very confident we will be getting a season but it is important that we plan and provide clarity for you all as to our thinking in every eventuality. 



Scenario 1 - 

Regular league season starts and ends late:

This scenario provides us all with some stability and structure moving forward. We hope to have an indication on when we can return to practice and play by mid to late May and will plan accordingly if and when we get the green light. 


In this situation we will not need to provide a credit for the 2020/2021 season. With the use of our online curriculum to engage, educate, empower, encourage and energize our players we feel that should a season go ahead they will have had much more information than any other season to date and that moving forward, their soccer education will be unrivaled in CT and beyond.

Scenario 2 - 

Regular season canceled by leagues but State of CT is open for sports to recommence. 

This scenario is not the perfect solution but one we have been considering as a lot of our teams play teams in NY and NJ. With that being the case it may be that CT opens before NY and if it does then we will have have to be ready. 

As such we have been talking to our colleagues at other clubs in CT and are planning a competitive practice and game schedule in this event. 

Again, should this be the case we will not be issuing any credits for future seasons.

Scenario 3 - 

Spring Season Canceled with no summer season option

This would be worst case scenario short term for all involved. From a playing perspective it would mean having to wait beyond the summer for soccer and from a club perspective it would mean losing the summer camp season. 

In this scenario we would issue credits for the 2020/2021 season for having missed the spring season. Credits will be determined based on phases (7v7, 9v9, 11v11) and what players have missed. 


Thing that have to be taken into consideration for credits include but are not limited to 

  • - online curriculum to replace practice schedule ( so it is important that you are accessing all our online content)
  • - Games missed/Tournaments missed.
  • - All Saints, SoNo.
  • - League fees and insurance 



Should the Summer season not go ahead and if Connecticut is open to the return to sporting competition, but the High School Fall sports not run, then we will look to have a Fall Club season to replace the Spring season. 

Scenario 4 - 

Fall Season canceled. 

We can not see this being the case but need to prepare just incase it happens. 

In the event of the Fall season being canceled we will be issuing refunds for the Fall Season. Understanding that the 2020/2021 season is ahead of us and that we are taking registrations already then it is important that you understand that should this pandemic extend and the Fall season be canceled then refunds will be issued for that season.


We are always thankful for your support and we can’t reiterate how important it has been to us during this time. 

Based on the conversations we have had with many parents we will be making credits available based on the scenarios mentioned above. 

These credits will not be automatically placed on all accounts because some parents have already mentioned that they don’t want credit and are happy to support the club given that the situation is beyond our control. 

So any credits calculated and offered will be made known to each group and available upon request. 

We completely understand that requests for credit will be necessary for next season so don’t hesitate to ask for it if you need it. We know that for a lot of people, personal circumstances have changed and as such their ability to continue with us in 2020/2021 will be dependent on some credit. 

We are also very thankful to those of you that have “pre-waived” the notion of credit. That is very generous of you. 



As of right now the residential camp is ON but we have to consider all options. Therefore below are the options available to our members should we have to cancel the camp this year, or if the school is forced to cancel the camp.  

Options for Residential Camp 

1 - Money paid for residential assigned to 2020/2021 tuition 

2 - Money paid for residential deferred to 2021 residential (includes prince freeze for 2021 residential)

3 - Full refund issued August 1st, 2020. 



For scenarios 1 and 2 above we will still commit to the $100 tuition credit per camp recommendation that was used with your personal code. 



May 18th - Update from US Soccer

June 1st - Final Decision on residential

June 15th - Update on Credits offered to each age group

As always, if you have any questions please fine hesitate to reach out to us. 

Stay safe. 

Marty and Leon.`