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Club Wide Updates

By Inter CT FC , 05/15/20, 12:00PM EDT


Dear Inter CT FC family, 


We hope that this finds you all safe and well as the tide seems to start to turn in our favor. We have had seen the phased steps to returning to action as towns begin phase one a week from today. We are excited that soccer is now on our horizon. 


For those of you that have been directly affected by this virus we pass on our sympathies. It hit close to home this past week when the father of our good friend passed away. And for those of you on the front line we share our appreciation. 




From a club perspective registrations are coming in steadily which is great. These registrations help us plan for next year in terms of teams and leagues and so on. They also help us ensure all our staff can return to a job so all registrations are appreciated. 


Remember you have three options when you register.




1 - Register and pay in full

2 - Register and pay later/offline using code OFFLINE2020

3 - Let us know if you are not returning 


Ensuring that our players and families have a place to call their soccer home for next year and beyond is our number one priority. We had assigned May 12th as the day where we would like to get all registrations in and now we are opening up to players outside the club. 




As usual there are a lot of players interested in joining us next year and we welcome that interest to help improve rosters. We have trialed a virtual tryout with a couple of pre high school and high school aged players that are interested in the club - online evaluations are accessible now.


[Online Evaluation]


The tryout / assessment process is as follows:


1 - Interested players log in to access our online assessment platform 

2 - Players watch the technical challenges and record their own attempts 

3 - Players submit video to 


High School aged players can just submit any highlight video to 





We are going to cancel the Residential Summer camp in July. We feel that we would be jeopardizing players and families if we decided to push on with it. Even though the signs are positive and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel we do not want to be responsible for anyone getting sick. The residential camp will return in July 2021. 


As a reminder there are 3 options for anyone who has signed up for the Residential


1 - Roll your money over to next years summer camp to secure your early bird price. 

2 - Assign the money for the camp to the tuition for 2020/2021. 

3 - Full Refund.


Please let us know at your earliest convenience so we can process your choice. 





We want to extend our congratulations to and share our excitement for coaches Eimear Reddin and Pedro Oliveira. Eimear has been offered the role of Graduate Assistant Coach at Springfield College and we are excited to have helped her pursue her coaching and academic goals and we know she will make a great impression as she continues her collegiate coaching path. 


Pedro, a seasoned high school coach with fantastic experience and reputation has taken up the offer to be the Head Coach at Bunnell High School Girls Soccer. Coach Pedro moves to Bunnell from Williams School in New London which means he is closer to home and we will be seeing a lot more of him on the field. 




Congrats to both coaches on their hires. 





The INTER - VIEW podcast is now available to listen to and is a follow up on the webinar with Arianna Criscione (The goalkeeper for Paris Saint Germain) over the weekend. 


It is a great insight into the passion and love for the game as well as the hard work and diligence needed to take your game to the highest level. 






We will be hosting a club wide webinar next Wednesday evening at 8pm for an hour or so. The purpose is to show everyone how we are prepping for the 2020/2021 season as well as going over the online curriculum and much more. 


During this time we will be able to answer any questions you may have via the chat option. 




Regards and stay safe 


Marty and Leon