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A message from our staff

By Inter CT, 06/03/20, 8:45AM EDT


Inter CT FC stands against all forms of racism and violence. 

Unity and solidarity are fundamental to our club identity. It’s in our badge. 

Did you know? ;

The squares on our badge represent equality as they are identical in size.

The squares on our badge represent diversity as they are multi-colored.

The squares on our badge represent unity because they are bound together - inseparable.

The squares on our badge represent positivity as they are building, growing towards a positive future.

This part of our badge was inspired by a mural in Derry City called “The Peace Mural”. It was created by the Bogside Artists (one of whom is coach Martys brother in law) and depicts the progression from darkness to light and the struggle for civil rights in Northern Ireland during the period known as “The Troubles”.


For more information on our badge check us out here -


For more information on the inspiration check the Bogside Artists out here

As you can see, we have even incorporated the squares that we are so proud of into our uniforms & corner flags.  Our black uniform has square trim on the sleeves and shorts. The white & gray uniforms incorporate the sash leading to the perception of two squares on the chest.






We have Inter as our name because we are;





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