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Inter CT FC Supports Silent Sidelines

By Inter CT FC, 10/15/21, 1:30PM EDT


Dear Inter CT FC Families, 


All members of Inter CT FC (players, parents/guardians, coaches, officials, and spectators) are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior, aligned with the Club Code of Conduct.


This weekend our state soccer association (CJSA) will be running their seasonal 'silent sideline.' Inter CT FC supports and agrees with the CJSA aims for this weekend. The goals of the weekend are:

  1. Develop our players to make decisions on the field without sideline intervention.
  2. Improve the players' communication on the field by reducing the outside noise level.
  3. Support our youth referees by eliminating dissension from the sidelines.


To read more about this coming weekend's silent sideline, please click on the link.


Roles of the parents:

  • Parents agree to support the club in requiring players to abide by the player's guidelines.
  • Parents will refrain from verbal abuse of players, coaches, referees, opponents, and spectators.
  • Parents will agree to pay for any property damages which can be attributed to their child.
  • There will be no coaching from the parents on the sidelines. Parental coaching is a distraction to all; it may contradict what has been asked of the players, and quite frankly, is disrespectful to our full-time coaches. 
  • To save embarrassment for all, players whose parents are sideline coaching will be taken off the field. 
  • Parents will discuss constructive concerns regarding coach, players, or club policy with the coach first, Director of Coaching, and finally, through the owners via 'Office Hours.'
  • Parents must understand that coaches, managers, and directors are dedicated to quality soccer and will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with club policies and objectives.
  • Parents agree to fully reimburse the club for any monetary sanction or fine imposed due to improper conduct of the parents or their child.


Please take a few minutes to watch both these videos from elite coaches who work in college sports. They share their input on sideline coaching and how college coaches consider parents when selecting recruits. 


I appreciate your support for the upcoming silent sideline weekend!


Tom Robinson