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Inter CT FC partners with Football4All and Landtek to install turf facility at All Saints

By Marty Walker, 11/23/22, 7:30AM EST


Turf facility coming in 2023




Dear Inter CT FC family, we are thrilled to finally announce that we have been given the green light to renovate All Saints. We have signed a very long term lease which means the future of the club is in safe hands and the next chapter can begin. 


Our first chapter (creating Inter CT FC from Everton America) hoped to build a club which had a distinctly family feel. We wanted to create a culture where players enjoyed the game we love whilst at the same time growing as a person and an athlete. We sought an identity whereby using the vehicle of soccer, our players could become competitive players and excellent individuals, allowing them to chase their dreams in the game and beyond. 


Within three years and we find ourselves in a position where our boys are being identified to compete at the USL level in national competitions and we have recently placed our first girls team in regional play in the North East. This is a huge achievement for our rapidly developing girls program. 


We are placing more and more student athletes in colleges across the country and we have alumni participating in the game in countries across Europe. 


We have no doubt that the improvements to our facility will help speed up the development of our players, creating an even better platform for success for all our players. 


Creating the environment that matches the education and the experience will propel our club to the next level. By joining forces with Landtek, a leader in athletics turf installation (see Landtek projects in the image below), as well as Football4All, our 501c3, we will be able to enrich the lives of children who seek to participate in our beautiful game. 



We have earmarked a major renovation for the track field area although we do have aspirations to improve every aspect of the facility. We would love to add: 


> Multiple fields 

> Expand the clubhouse 

> Add floodlights

> Lay the best turf option available 

> purchase professional benches and equipment 


A lot of what we can achieve will depend on aggressive fund raising efforts. 


Right now we have set aside $100,000 to get the project started. 


If we can raise a further $300,000 we will be able to pursue the original plan to renovate the track area. The cost is approximately $1.7M. 


If we can raise $600,000 we will look to turf the 9 v 9 and 7 v 7 upper areas also. That cost would be $2.5M


If we surpass our wildest dreams we will look to open the space even more and develop the upper mini fields, add flood lights and ball catch nets, improve the clubhouse etc... 


From a club perspective, the project will allow us to centralize the vast majority of operations in one location with both Pre High School and High School aged teams practicing at the same facility. Our goal at Inter CT FC has always been to develop the community feel that we coaches experienced in our hometown clubs. This project can allow us to achieve that. 


We want our youngest players to dream and our oldest players to inspire. So when young players can look across to the next field and see the older kids at practice, or when we have a facility that allows the 2014s to watch the U19s play, we’ll be much closer to achieving our goal. 


So we have a lot of planning to do and we need your help. 




If you are interested in making a charitable donation through Football4All* towards the building of the complex you can follow this link to the Football4All page - 


Click on the environment tab and you can donate whatever amount you like. 



If you are interested in having the field(s) named after your family or business please reach out to for information. Right now we are working off 5 year, 10 year and 20 year options. 


For example : the Robinson 11 v 11 field or the Chevrolet 7 v 7 field or the Leon Othen Clubhouse 




Leon and I are starting to investigate loans for the facility so if anyone can provide direction or assistance we are happy to look into all financing options. 




The club will be hosting a series of fundraising events in 2023 to help raise money for the project. We will bring back the very successful end of season Gala we had in the past and we will hope to add further events in due course. 


Thoughts and ideas are welcome. 




1/1/23 : Project design finalized based on budget and fundraising. 


5/1/23 : Landtek are poised to break ground.


9/1//23 : Conservative projected date of the first cleats on turf. We will have a grand opening event to bring in the new era of Inter CT FC soccer. 







We are building this project with our 501c3 partners Football4All we plan to create one of the most exciting facilities in Fairfield County allowing us create a safe and fun environment where players can excel. 


Football4All will seek to engage in community and scholastic development using the staff at Inter CT FC both at our base in Norwalk and in the surrounding communities.


We started Football4all during the Covid pandemic with the goal of helping families who were sorely affected to return safely and securely to the field. Football4all has grown quietly since then with the goal of eliminating barriers to entry for those who wish to participate in soccer whilst also seeking to reward players in the game by providing better environments, offering better education (soccer, coaching, refereeing) and by providing better experiences in the form of international travel and competition. 


Partnering with Football4All will allow any fundraising efforts to be charitable donations.