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Important notice from our indoor facility

By Inter CT News, 01/26/23, 3:00PM EST


Parking & drop off info from Northeast Athletic Center ( Formally SONO )

Please see the following message from the owners of NAC (previously SONO) regarding parking & player drop off/pick up - we are all busy, but take a moment to read.

Hi all,
We have heard your concerns about the drop off/pick up and parking challenges at busy times. We want to ensure our programs run smoothly and safely at the NAC, and we are writing to inform you of very important new safety policies. Please read below.
1. You may NOT wait in the pick-up/drop off area outside of the NAC lobby at the end of class or to pick up your athletes at any time. The curb in front of the lobby is for DROP OFF ONLY, and there is no waiting. If you are picking up your athlete, you must park or idle in a safe place until they are ready to be picked up at the front. We may have multiple teams letting out at once, and any cars not following protocol can block the lot and exit for everyone.
2. During our busy winter season, all team practices and workouts will be drop-off only.
3. Our facility PARKING MAP is linked here, including additional street parking on Duke Place during peak hours. We ask that you only park in the green highlighted areas, WITHOUT blocking traffic or obstructing the flow through the lot. Parking is tight, so please carpool with other athletes from your school or town.
4. We will be stationing an NAC staff member outside during busy changeovers to assist with the flow of traffic. You must obey all posted signage and any direction from staff members. Please be respectful of them as they are working hard to create a safe environment for your athletes. We will be adding more signage in the lot as well.
5. Please note that while you may not park in our neighbor’s lots, you may safely idle there while you wait for your athlete. You may not block the NAC entrance, NAC exit, or MLK Dr while waiting for your athlete.
6. Please carpool with other athletes from your school or town. You can work with your team parents to create carpools. If you would like to arrange a carpool, please contact your team coordinator to be put in touch with other parents from your town.
Thank you for your attention to this, and please reach out with any questions. We look forward to a safe and fun season ahead!
Be well,
The NEVBC/NAC team