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The Inter CT Story

Our story is a long and interesting one and the name of the club reflects what we hold dear to be true.


Not only are our coaches plucked from all around the world but our players navigate to us from all over the globe too. On any given day you will watch us play and there could be a coach from England coaching players from America, Sweden, India, Brazil, Peru, South Africa and more; such is the INTERNATIONAL nature of our program. We truly are a family united from all corners of the globe.


We believe in the value of our members as the lifeblood of the growth of our club. We also appreciate that for our players and members that the club plays an integral part of their family life on a daily basis. We acknowledge the shared love of the game for keeping us INTERCONNECTED through every walk of life as we build lifelong relationships.


We keenly challenge all our members to make everyone feel at home and part of the team. We are aware that team makeup ebbs and flows through the phases of development so whether we have a slow learner or someone new to the program we seek to create an environment where they feel that they can work hard, improve and excel.


We value the challenges that are posed to us by soccer. At certain stages of development, the fun of the game is more about overcoming obstacles than it is about solely having a good time with friends. Overcoming these challenges and learning these skills transfer nicely as life skills and shows that sports, as well as life, are environments that are INTERCHANGEABLE as well as supporting individual total character development. The personal development skills learned on the soccer field transferable into all walks of life.

We are also INTERdependent, INTERcultural, INTERreligious, I NTERactive, INTERregional, INTERscholastic, INTERwoven andINTEResting.