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New Developments

Much of what made Everton America CT a healthy, successful and stable club will remain the same with INTER CONNECTICUT FC.  Our management team, senior staff, coaches, the attention to our players, the communication with families, our home at All Saints and the commitment to provide the best coaching and enjoyable experience to the players on our teams will all remain at our current high level.  At the same time, we will use this name change to build our own unique culture and identity.

We are excited to share some of the things that will make being a member of Inter CT a fantastic player and parent experience - see here for continuing updates. 

We will look to improve the quality of our existing programs. This will be done by creating a better coaching environment for our players. Educating players on the importance of timekeeping, correct attire, and how to embrace challenges. Educating parents on how best to support players and help nurture a passion for the game, and by providing a clear educational path for both so that everyone is on the same page.

There is a dedication to build our girls program to be as competitive as our boys. Marty Walker has a young daughter, and this is personal to him. Having worked in the female side of the collegiate game, Marty wants to ensure the club provides every opportunity to female players enabling them to progress to play in college. Marty has proved this support as head of Boys High School ages at Everton and he will continue to do so for the girls of Inter CT. 

We will have a more defined culture and identity as well as style of play.  More specific information will be provided soon, but in the meantime, check out our VISION & MISSION or our CORE VALUES

We will provide age appropriate core competencies for tracking development and that meet the needs of our players. Much like at school, where different age-appropriate themes and topics are taught and learned. Coaches, players, and parents will be on the same page on expectations from the session, season and year.


For the 2019/2020 season, we are introducing video and live streaming of games for High School aged teams to help with their college recruitment journey as well as game and player analysis. This service is normally reserved for professional, Academy or college teams, but now provided at Inter CT.

We are introducing Beyond Pulse Heart Rate Monitor system for the High School ages to better look after their health and wellness as well as holding players more accountable for training and game performance.


A new SportsEngine phone app will provide communication on field statuses, last minute game changes and parents can provide information on availability.  The best benefit to this is that the schedule syncs up with the information on the web site.

Provide the same training opportunities for players on all teams throughout the same age bracket. We understand that players develop at different times. A player who does not quite make the top team upon tryouts has the same opportunities to progress as a player on the top team. This is through the same amount of sessions, training with top team players and having access to additional clinics throughout the year.

Our new winter indoor league at our home facility of Sono Field House ensures that competitive play is available to those that want it. The club has committed to the league and will enter a team in every age group at Pre-High School levels.

You can't improve what you can't measure! Improved player evaluations based on the age-appropriate core competencies ensure players can reach beyond their vision of capability.