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Recent Girls 2004 News

Welcome e-mail (fall 2020/21)

By Inter CT 08/31/2020, 10:00am EDT

Please see the following e-mail that went out to rostered players for 2020/21



Dear parents & players,

As we welcome you to the start of the 2020/21 season we wanted to thank you for your trust in us through the pandemic and your support during the summer months.

Safety continues to be on the forefront of our minds and I urge all our members to not get complacent at practices and at games. Please see our protocols and guidelines here [LINK TO GUIDELINES] and adhere to them for the safety of everyone and to reduce the risk of shutting down the program.


Refund policy

We have always been upfront with the cashflow situation and have told members that if the fall does not go ahead, we will not be expecting tuition. We are at the stage now where we have paid for services for the 2020/21 season. Leagues, insurance, referees, staff pay, field rental, toilet rentals etc. This is now coming out of the 2020/21 tuition money. For a full breakdown on different scenarios and refund policies please see the following page [REFUND POLICIES]. Marty will be sending out a separate e-mail to High School players and 8th Grade 2006 players.


Parent meetings & calendars

With the season ahead of us, I welcome all parents to log in to the upcoming parents meetings which will be available through our online platform. These parent meetings were traditionally done at the field and in the past have been hit and miss. This new format ensures all the information to ensure parents, players, coaches and the club are united in the pursuit to carry out our care values in being confident yet humble, excellent yet selfless, hard-working and accountable, competitive, and fun, along with being passionate about the game.


If you have not downloaded the Sportsengine app, I highly recommend that you do so. Practice and game schedules can be seen, group chats and coach communication. News and maps to games are available also. [Sportsengine app] A useful tool is to subscribe to your son or daughter's calendar feed so that games automatically get added and updated on your google or iCal Calandar.


Inter CT has a number of non team based programs that you may not be aware of;


SPORTS PERFORMANCE U. Injury prevention and physical work.


ADVENTURE SOCCER ( 3 - 5 year olds ) 


PRE TEAM ACADEMY ( 2013 / 2014 ) 




Links to each are above and we are offering discounts to players who's siblings are already in our program.


Sponsorship / Advertising opportunities.

Now that we know the season is going ahead, we feel comfortable sharing our sponsorship and advertising opportunities for the season. Money generated will be used to create the best possible environment for players attending All Saints for games. [SPONSORSHIP & ADVERTISING PAGE]


Shirt numbering & kit ordering

For those without numbers, pleas see the following page to help get numbers prior to the first game [SHIRT NUMBERING] The last remaining fan gear items are also available here [Fan Gear] ( New fan gear orders will be taken soon )

Thank you for your attention to this e-mail.

Here's to a safe and successful fall season.

Leon & Marty

Inter CT is proud to partner with Sports Performance U of Wilton to provide supplemental training to Inter CT players throughout the fall. 

With the original partnership start date being during the height of the lockdown, both parties are please to continue with a fall schedule for the following ages.

1) Players born 2011 - 2009 

2) Players born 2008 - 2006 

3) High School Players 

The aim of the partnership is to provide Inter CT players with additional expert tuition with the following benefits;

  • Injury prevention
  • Improved physical outputs
  • Increased skill levels due to strength, balance, mobility and flexibility.


Sports Performance U's Biomechanical Integrity test identifies areas to improve and the partnership allows both parties to work together for the benefit of players that sign up.

Please see further information on the programs page of the web site.


Fall Schedules announced

By Inter CT 08/14/2020, 8:15am EDT

Thank you for your patience as we establish our schedule at a time when there have been both league changes and ongoing summer programming.

This weekend marks the last of our spring season in summer games and we return after a week's break for the Inter CT Pre-season camp. 

Weekly fall schedules start on August 31st and can be seen at the following link -

Goalkeepers can see their schedule here -

We will be transitioning over to the 2020/2021 Season on the web site from Monday, August 17th in which you may see some name changes of teams to reflect the league that teams will be playing in rather than colors.

Please reach out to your coach if you are unsure of your team.