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Recent Girls Pre-Team Academy 2013/2014/2015 News

Inter CT's Pathway to Pro is now in it's third year with players from both Inter CT and our friends and rivals, AC Connecticut joining forces to provide a USL Academy team.

The USL Academy provides the opportunity of playing top youth teams from the best professional USL franchises in the country and the first game of the Academy season starts Saturday, March 25th.

Many Inter CT players make up the new U20 Roster, including eight current players and last year's Inter CT players, Max Weiss & Mateo Cano taking advantage of the new older age limit to make up the ten.

Last year, our U19, in collaboration with Connecticut's professional team, Hartford Athletic, our USL team topped the league with an unbeaten record. This year will prove much harder as Inter CT and AC Connecticut focus more on our own players and Hartford Athletic look to create their own teams whilst still providing the pathway to the professional USL Championship for our best players.

The restructure allows Inter CT to provide the USL Academy experience  to a greater number of players as the focus this year shifts to developing the youth as older players from last year age out.

Pictured is Kristian L - 06, Trevor P - 05, Ian U - 05,  Cooper F - 06, David U - 06, Pablo MN - 06, Patrick L - 06, Nico A - 05

Saturday's game is 6pm in Albany, NY.

Check out our USL Academy page for previous news articles and information on our exciting USL Pre-Academy for U10, U12, U14 & U16.



Inter CT Litchfield Wins WIN!

By Inter CT FC 03/24/2023, 10:00am EDT

The Inter CT Litchfield Hills U-12 team  coached by Dwayne Pond and Rob Lesniewski competed in the Westport WIN tournament and won the championship game in the last two seconds of an intense match against Danbury.

With the score tied 1-1 with less than a minute left , Ella T. and Charlotte F. moved the ball up the field with a quick give and go and then played the ball to Lila C. who slotted the ball just inside of the near post with mere seconds left in the game. Lila also had the first goal of the game when she buried a deflection off of a direct kick from Harper P.

To get to the final the girls bested Madison 4-1, beat NJSA 8-0 , and Westport Blue 5-1.  The championship game was a rematch of a 2-2 draw against Danbury earlier in the day. 

The win comes off the back of Litchfield's U13 team also winning the EDP League Championship back in November at their first attempt.

The Litchfield branch has recently grown and now has a U10 boys team. 

Any new players interested in playing for the 2023/24 season should fill out a "Prospective Player" Form.

Inter CT launches Young Coach Mentor program

By Inter CT FC 03/23/2023, 8:00pm EDT

From Coach Leon.

Over a few days in February, I got to check off a bucket list item when I got to visit and thank my old High School coaches, Mick Payne & Lee Hagger for providing me with the opportunity to coach in the United States as a young 17 year old. 

Payne & Hagger were having their 30 year reunion from their time as head coach and assistant coach at the University of Alabama, Birmingham where they also ran soccer camps in the southern State throughout the 1990's - It is there that the coaches introduced me to both America and the world of coaching. 

The trip opened my eyes to the potential of soccer in the States and subsequent mentoring by these teachers and others led to me increasing in confidence as a person and establishing a coaching style of my own that served me through college and since 1999 as a full time coach.

It has always been my intention to help young soccer players get into coaching, and each year one or two players shadow me through either goalkeeping coaching, Adventure Soccer programs or more recently through the Pre-team Academy. Coach Jamie who now provides goalkeeper coaching across all three branches of Inter CT is an example of an ex student that is now giving back.

We are now in the position to be able to offer a young coach mentor program to more than just a couple of players as we introduce the Young Coach Mentor Program.

The coach mentor program provides young Inter CT players and / or their siblings the opportunity to start coaching and learn about becoming a soccer coach. 

Coaching and / or teaching is a valuable asset that provides many life skills and for many of our coaches, has provided the opportunity for great travel and experiences. 

As a 17 year old, coach Leon had a couple of mentors that provided him with the opportunity to start coaching. These mentors were instrumental in his life choices, travel, friends and ultimately, occupation.

Inter CT is providing 20 aspiring young coaches from within our program the opportunity to be mentored  in the art of coaching and assist them getting their first coaching licenses.

Topics will include:

  • *Qualities of a good coach
  • *How to organize a practice
  • *How to coach young players
  • *Creating a session plan to fit in with our curriculum
  • *Common errors in technique and how to fix them
  • *Adapting practice and the SOS method
  • *Communication to players

Registered young coaches will be expected to;

  • Attend live sessions to assist coach Leon 
  • Follow an easy online course and complete homework tasks
  • Put into practice lessons learned when given a small group 
  • Observe other coaches across the club
  • Complete a US Soccer certification

There is no charge to be part of this program 

Inter CT FC will pay for the coaching certification at the end of the season

Young coaches will be provided with additional Inter CT merchandise 

Young coaches who are up to date with their work and who have good attendance may be asked to become counselors on Inter CT summer camps with the opportunity to be compensated financially.

Extremely talented young coaches will be offered an opportunity to continue learning as a junior coach with paid opportunities. 

Registration for this program is open to participants born 2008 and older.



We feel that it is important that players have a great start to their soccer experience and the Pre-Team Academy for players born in 2015 & 2014 provides players with a great opportunity to INTERgrate into our team environment. 

The Pre-team Academy provides training once per week, mirroring many of the sessions that players in our full-time teams have. The weekends provide a great opportunity to play games in a structured environment with real referees and coaches and learn about the rules of the game.