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This page provides information for players selected for one of our Pre-Academy squads and for prospective players looking to join us.

If you are new to Inter CT and feel you have the attributes for our USL Academy squads that take the best players from Inter CT and AC Connecticut over a two year age group, U10, U12, U14 & U16 then click on the Prospective Player button 

State on the form that you are looking to be evaluated for the USL Pre-Academy squad.


We are very aware that we are competing at a very high level within the National League platform and that as such we will place players in the college game with continuing regularity. We are also always cognizant that our players have high academic standards, commitment to other sports and religion etc... so we want players interested in this to be aware that this is a BIG COMMITMENT from anyone who wants to compete at this level. We have players who are more than capable of competing at this level but it will be a time commitment to play for Inter or AC and the AC USL U19 Academy. 


It will mean that all practices will be mandatory including Inter practices and therefore this will be for players who are not only excellent soccer players but who are wholly committed to the game. 



This Saturday sees our first club-wide event in which we will attend a now near sell out Hartford Athletic game. Hartford Athletic are Connecticut’s USL Championship Professional team and sits at the top of our player pathway. 

Information on club allocated discount tickets for the game can be found through each team's sportsengine app or through game recap e-mails that went out this week.

The event follows a very successful outing for our Litchfield branch who 1 month earlier got to play on the field at half time. [Check out our instagram for photos]

Since November 2020, Inter Connecticut and our friends and rivals at AC Connecticut have collaborated to provide a funded Academy for top players of both clubs. Utilizing the USL 2 Franchise that AC Connecticut have.

Initially starting with the U19 bracket, the inaugural year saw amazing success.

Initial “B” team player signs Academy forms and goes on to become Captain

  1. Inter CT player scores USL Academy League first ever goal
  3. Inter CT player invited to train with Hartford Athletic 


Despite a tiny budget compared to rivals and minimal resources including coaches from both clubs coaching for free we somehow made the National Finals for the first USL National Championships in Tampa in 2021. 

With the success of the U19 program, both Inter CT and AC Connecticut were keen to provide a pathway for younger players of both clubs in two year age groups.

Throughout the fall of 2021, mini clinics / identification centers were set up on an invite only basis. Inter CT & AC shared the hosting of these monthly events. These clinics aimed to stimulate our stronger players and motivate those that did not make it. 

The collaboration enabled the U16’s to win the top bracket in the Manhattan tournament in March this year and to kick off the 2022/23 season we had the new age brackets of U10 ( 2013/2014 ), U12 ( 2011/2012 ), U14 ( 2009/2010 ) & U16 ( 2007/2008 ) invited to our summer program which consisted of a wider pool than usual due to summer absences. A small fee was associated to cover costs of new uniform and tournament expenses at Hershey, Pennsylvania. A great showing by all age groups saw us bring back two trophies, but more importantly some high level play and new found friends.

The Identification centers provided a platform for two 2009 players to join AC Connecticut in the USL showcase in March of 2022 - Read about that here.

The U19’s, now in their second year and with the experience of playing top youth teams from the best professional USL franchises in the country were also helped with a closer link to Hartford Athletic and saw young hopeful prospects from Hartford Athletic join the U19 Academy team. It was very rewarding to see these players appearing on TV for the professional first team not long after playing with our players. The close relationship with Hartford also saw all Academy home games and USL 2 games played at Dillon Stadium, where we will be attending on Saturday. 

Get an insight into one of our home games in the first episode of “Behind the badge” on our new Youtube page.

This provided the platform for the U19 Academy to walk the league with a 100% record to go to the Nationals in Tampa for the second year. This will be in November. Inter CT player, Mateo Cano was often at the top of the USL scoring charts.


Last week saw a continuation of the U10, U12 & U14 age bracket identification center. The recruitment process is tough as only 8 -10 players from each club over a two year age bracket may attend. To help in the process, Inter CT have appointed Aaron Mazzola and Anthony Quinn as lead USL coaches to represent the club, alongside USL coordinator and our boys pre-high school director, Tom Robinson.  AC Connecticut also have staff in the program.

Players and parents should bear in mind that as the age brackets change, so do the opportunities. A 2010 player who was invited last year at the top of their age bracket will now find themselves competing with 2009’s from both our club, and AC Connecticut. The fluid invites aim to keep top players on their toes, strive to be the best and be driven to become better, even if they were not chosen this time around. 

Inter CT’s commitment to more frequent evaluations ( of which the first should be done by October 1st ) will help players and parents learn more about what can be done to improve. 

At Inter CT, we hope to provide answers for all soccer needs.

SportPerformanceU provides heavily subsidized year long training performance training to Inter CT players

Inter CT Extra Time provides the additional training to complete age appropriate technical core competencies

Our Veo cameras and full time coaches can review game footage and performance

Our online platform helps with Tactical roles and responsibilities 

Our relationship with Train your Mind helps with the mental part of the game. ( for Train your Mind info, e-mail

As a club, we are committed to making our USL pathway….. USL Pre Academy, USL U19 Academy, USL 2, USL Championship fully funded during the season with growing financial and staff resources. Other supplemental programs and clubs charge for such services. 

This November, our U10, U12 & U14 players will compete in an additional tournament in Rhode Island, with further identification centers to take place in October and November.

Check out our USL page for continued updates.

The introduction of our Litchfield and Milford branches on the girls side has already allowed the girls to be invited into the EDP National League for the first time and a truly regional training center for U10, U12 & U14 girls will be announced very soon.