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Frequently Asked Qs

Information for new players and a refresher for existing players.

0:50​ - Introductions
3:30​ - Question 1 - NEC v NAC
9:44​ - Girls NAC
10:30​ - Why are we not playing New York teams?
13:50​ - Club based National League v Team based National League

15:00​ - Why are there currently more boys in the program?
20:20​ - The Welcome pack
23:00​ - Turf practice. Where & when?
27:30​ - When are we getting turf?
29:35​ - College ID -

33:20​ - Can you play next fall if 9th grade?
38:00​ - 2006 Boys - What's the set up? Is there a third team?
41:40​ - New kit & sponsorship opportunities.
45:00​ - USL Academy and what it means
52:45​ - Needham Tournament. Details.

Answering Your Questions


The Rebrand

Why have you rebranded?

Much of what made Everton America CT a healthy, successful and stable club will remain the same with INTER CONNECTICUT FC. The relationship with Everton Football Club of the Premier League was beneficial to both parties over the years. We will use this name change to develop our own specific team culture, club philosophy, and style of play which is relevant to soccer environment in which we are located.

Will games and practices still be at All Saints?

Yes for the younger ages. We will maintain our training and games at All Saints. Our High School age teams will still practice there from time to time but we will also continue to practice off-site.

What Is New / different with the club?

There are many small and major changes that will make Inter CT a fantastic player and parent experience - see here for continuing updates.

Where can I find news about Inter Ct FC?

We publish our updated news stories and Facebook feed to our home page. You can also read up on new and old stories by exploring our News Archive page. Finally, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to help stay involved with Inter! 

Are you anything to do with Inter Milan?

As per our Inter CT story, Inter is short for International.... respecting the heritage of the founder club and it's staff and reflecting the global game which is soccer.  Find out more about the Inter story here. Inter is now used by clubs around the world, much the same way that United was in soccer's early naming. We are not affiliated with Inter Milan.

Prospective Players

Can my son or daughter still try out?

Yes, we tend to leave spots available on rosters for talented players to join us outside tryout season. Click HERE to try out.

Is there A Prospective Player Form I can fill out for me/my player?

Yes, you can fill out our Prospective Player form by Registering Interest for Inter CT FC , HERE

Moving Forward

What will be our nickname?

Players and parents who represent the club will in conversation say they play for Inter CT. In the huddle before the game, it is envisaged that we say 3, 2, 1 - “INTER”. Traditions and cultures cannot be forced, however. We look forward to seeing how the Inter CT pioneers develop this.

What do you have for players to do during off-season/down time? 

1. We are always rotating programs seasonally, and offer a variety of camps, clinics, and training opportunities out of regular season windows. Check our Programs page for updated offerings.

2. Our staff have worked hard to provide one of the leading online platforms in the state, and are continuing to make plenty of online content available to our players.  If you have not already done so, check out our Online Learning Platform — filled with at-home drills, tactics sessions, and tips for players.  

Getting in Touch

What is the website to use?

Where can I find information about uniforms?

Head to the bottom of our Uniforms FAQ page, HERE 

Where can I learn more about Inter CT - Milford opportunities?

Head to our Inter MUSC home page, HERE. Or, email Stephen Bell at