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Residential Camp

The perfect opportunity to be lifted beyond your vision of capability this summer

Join us as Inter CT brings the ultimate full-time soccer experience to committed players both inside and outside the club.

Join the Inter CT staff, along with high-caliber guest coaches, for this inaugural residential camp at the stunning Northfield Mount Hermon School Campus.

Wednesday, July 5th - saturday, July 8th, 2023

The 2023 Inter CT Residential Camp will be hosted by our friends at Northfield Mount Hermon, Mount Hermon,  Mass.

Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) is located in western Massachusetts and is easily accessible from New England cities and Canada. The campus lies on the banks of the Connecticut River in a beautiful New England setting with extensive resources. It encompasses privately maintained country roads and ponds. The school is away from busy roads and traffic and has security on campus 24 hours a day.

The Campus Experience

This is an all-inclusive campsite and campers are housed in double rooms in the school dormitories. Each room comes with beds, desks, and dressers.  Campers need to bring their own bedding and linens.  We do suggest bringing a floor fan in case of hot weather to keep the rooms cool.  Dorms do have lounges with cable tv, couches, and chairs.

Inter CT has access to several amenities on campus including turf and grass soccer fields, an indoor tennis center, dorm lounges, gymnasium, auditorium and more. There is an indoor swimming pool to provide some relaxation and regenerative off-the-field fun. We will also have access to the gymnasium and indoor tennis center, which is used in case of inclement weather.

Each day, campers eat in the dining hall for all-you-can-eat dining. The Northfield Mount Hermon staff will be on hand to provide nutritious, healthy and quality food service meeting each camper’s individual needs (including dietary restrictions). A salad bar, a sandwich bar, fruit stand, a vegetarian bar, and Gluten free area are available to provide additional options to their daily entrees and sides. A variety of juices, water and milk are available with every meal. NMH is known for having some of the best camp food in the country by offering extra made to order food such as a stir-fry bar, pizza bar, burger bar, nacho bar, and more!  Each night there will also be a snack bar where campers can purchase pizza slices, snacks, Gatorade, and water.

The combination of on and off the field facilities at NMH generate a high level of excellence for both field players and goalkeeper who are attending camp.

Please see the different elements of our camp based on player age.

Age-appropriate curriculums provide the best possible experience for all our players.

Limited registrations are available at each level.

LOVE THE GAME - Learning outcomes

For players born in 2015 and 2014.

We will inspire your child with our fun, educational, and challenging program delivered by Inter CT coaching staff. The focus of the program will be highly technical and introduce elements of decision making within the context of small-sided games. We aim to help your child learn how, when, and where to use their new skills.

Each day will include 7v7 games.

Your young soccer player will come home with a massive smile on their face and a blossoming love for the game that will see them beg to go back again next year!

LOVE TO LEARN - Learning outcomes

For players born in 2013 and 2012.

Your child will improve both their technical skills and tactical understanding during educational training sessions and 9v9 gameplay. They will learn how to make decisions in game-based situations and be given the necessary tools to execute their desired outcome.

They will be pushed hard throughout the camp and challenged to leave a better player than when they arrived.

LOVE TO COMPETE - Learning outcomes

For players born in 2011 and 2010.

Prepare for the new season with our most competitive program, delivered in 11v11 format.

This program has an emphasis on improving the players' tactical understanding of the game using the Men's World Cup games and outcomes as examples as well as the tendencies of the Women's teams competing in this summers' World Cup in New Zealand.

As well as being an excellent program for individual improvement, this is an ideal opportunity for club teams to travel together and improve their tactical knowledge and team cohesion under the tutelage of our expert coaches.

2009, 2008 and 2007 Players

For players born in 2009, 2008 and 2007.

Both age groups training builds on the "Love to Compete" program. It will add elements of fitness training, nutrition, psychology, and tactical information to get the players ready for the high school pre-season or captains practices.

This is also a great way for those players headed into pre-season to freshen up on their skills and get  a pre pre-season in.


The Four Elements

This camp will have four key elements:

1 - Theory - Online classroom sessions on each of the positions

2 - Technical work on the  core competencies required for the position of choice

3 - Tactical elements when combined with different units. i.e., goalkeeper working with the defense, midfield playing into forwards

4 - Game situations, putting everything into practice


The staff at Inter CT appreciate more than most that the goalkeeper is an integral part of any team and deserves specialist coaching.

We encourage goalkeepers to attend the camp as part of their goalkeeping development. Our Partnerships with both GKHQ and L1 Goalkeeper gloves we expect the goalkeeper experience to be nothing but top quality.

Goalkeeping training is age specific and when appropriate, gender specific. Goalkeepers also receive evaluations, match analysis and Goalkeeping specific fitness.

The aim of the program is to share the knowledge & education of the position so that every goalkeeper can better understand the requirements of top goalkeepers and know what they have to do to achieve that level.

Please e-mail our goalkeeping director, Leon Othen, for further details on the goalkeeping curriculum and advice on registrations.

Goalkeepers attending camp will receive free goalkeeper gloves to use on the field.


Residential Camp Price - $849

January - $749

February- $749

March - $799

April - $799

May through start of camp - $849

*Sibling Discount for two or more* 



Who will be coaching the camp?

Current Inter CT staff plus reputable guest coaches.
Who will be directing the camp? The camp will be directed by Ashley Kaufman  with assistance from Leon Othen and Marty Walker.
Who can join the camp? The camp is open to ages 2015  to 2009, whether or not they are currently Inter CT players.
Will all coaches be certified? All coaches working the camp will be experienced, certified coaches with up-to-date qualifications and background checks on file.
How about camp counselors? All assistant coaches and camp counselors will be 21+ years of age and have background checks on file.
Will there be a doctor on site? The camp will have a dedicated medical professional on site 24/7. The trainer will treat injuries, look after the general well-being of the players, and securely store all prescription medications as per MA state law.
Will there be female staff? There will be a mixture of male and female staff throughout the camp.
My child requires special accommodations. Please coordinate any special accommodations needed prior to the camp with Camp Director Ashley Kaufman,
Who will my child be playing with? All players will be grouped with players of similar age and ability, in groups that will stay consistent throughout the week. A lead coach will be assigned to each group.
Can we make rooming requests? We will aim to satisfy rooming requests as long as the players in question are the same gender and similar age.
Where will the players sleep? The players will stay in the dorms at Northfield Mount Hermon.. They will room with other players of the same gender and the same / similar age.
Are the dorms air conditioned? Not all dorms are air conditioned. We recommend bringing a fan to place in the dorm window just in case.
Will boys and girls be allowed in each others' dorm rooms? No.
Will there be adults on site? The staff members working the camp will be staying in dorm rooms on the same floors as the players to ensure safety and well-being.
Where will the players eat?
The Players and staff will have full access to the dining hall at NMH. 
Will vegetarian meal options be available? Yes.
How many meals will be provided? Breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be provided on each day aside of check-in and check-out days.
Are cell phones permitted? Yes. Each age group will have a set time in the evening where no screens should be used, but the players can keep their phones with them throughout the day. During group activities (including meals) we will insist phones are not used outside of emergencies, but there will be multiple times each day where the players can call home if necessary.
How can I reach my child in an emergency? If you need to reach your child in an emergency but they do not respond (ie are taking part in a session or during a meal), reach out to Ashley Kaufman at 860-394-7431 and she will assist you.
Can I watch my child play? You are welcome to attend evening games and watch your child play.
I have further questions, who do I contact?