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Inter CT continues education throughout December

By Inter CT FC, 12/05/20, 7:05AM EST


Inter CT continues education throughout December.

As we move into December, Inter CT is pleased to be able to provide continued education for its High School and Pre-High School players.

When traditionally the pre-high school players are quiet, we are ensuring that this year we are keeping players engaged.

This week saw the following;

  1. Evaluations and opportunities to discuss in more detail.
  2. Meetings with coaches to go over recent footage.
  3. Weekend work outs.


If players missed meetings with coaches regarding explanations of evaluations and how to use our web site and online platform to improve scoring  [Check out this video here]

Before the Governors new guidelines on team sports, some groups were given bonus time at Ridgefield Academy. The Ridgefield booking was made with the foresight of having additional outdoor space if SONO Field house was to close. 

In lieu of this bonus time, each weekend, we will provide a ball mastery, physical, technical and a learning component for players to participate in through our online platform. New sessions will be added each week. [See weekend 1 sessions here]

High school players will have sanctioned 4:1 training. We are able to do this by complying with rules regarding field spacing and timings in which each group can attend. This is where, like in the summer, we benefit from All Saints being a private sports field.

Coach Marty is continuing with his weekly tactical webinars for high school players and has set a schedule for players to utilize their “Beyond Pulse” heart rate monitors.

High school players wanting to improve on their strength and speed during December can also take advantage of our partnership with Sport Performance U who have opened up an additional 8 spots for a December only mini-course. [REGISITER HERE FOR SPORTPERFORMANCE U]

Moving into the second week of December, we are planning even more activities utilizing all aspects of learning.

For those asking about the jamboree footage, we have the following links.


Camera 1 -

Camera 2 -


Camera 1 - Still uploading…….

Camera 2 -