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Pre High School Tryouts

High School Age Tryouts

Pre - High School Tryouts Boys & Girls

Click on the link above to take you straight to our tryout page for our Pre - High School tryouts.

Tryouts Options

Thank you for your interest in Inter CT.

We plan to hold our tryouts on May 25th & May 27th and then the following week June 1st - June 4th but there are ways to be seen before the tryouts.

To register for the tryouts go to the link on the left side on the webpage so you can sign up. 

Below you will see a number of options for you to learn more about Inter CT FC. 

- Register Interest with Inter CT FC and one of our members of staff will contact you with Information about playing now with us or for 2021/22 season. 

- Spring Clinic's these are a unique way for players to come and practice with our current players and coaches, in a pressure free environment. During tryouts it is difficult for players to show their talents in such a short period of time. During these clinics you will be able to spend multiple hours on the field with us and get a good understanding of what life at Inter CT FC is like.  These clinic's finish the week before the tryouts start.

- Schedule a call with Inter CT FC this will allow you to schedule a call with one of the owners or directors at the club. During this call we can go over all the options open to you. 

Register interest

Spring Clinic's

Schedule a call with Inter CT FC