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By Inter CT FC, 11/21/20, 7:45AM EST


As most of you have probably already heard, Governor Lamont held a press conference on Thursday and has suspended all sports activities (except college and professional) through January 19th; this includes both High School and Club. This mandate is to take place from midnight November 22nd.

We are grateful to the coaching staff, players, and their families for their commitment to following guidelines and protocols, to ensure the safety of our members and opposing clubs since our return to play in late June. 

We are also grateful that as the league cancels all play for the fall, we, as a club, have managed to not only succeed in fulfilling a fall season but excelling in it with two league championships and no direct cases of Covid within the club.

All full-time staff met yesterday (Friday) regarding a plan of action for both the pre-high school players who are wrapping up their fall season and our high school players who are starting their winter season with us. 

At Inter CT, we are dedicated to providing an elite alternate service to not only make up for team practices on the field but to ensure our players have an array of learning resources to match various learning styles.

For players who were with us in the spring, you will be aware of the online platform, live and recorded zoom classes, webinars, competitions, and weekly curriculums that gave our players an edge over other clubs. This platform will provide the base for our activities and the coaches are excited to add even more content. 

Right now, our focus is on providing an enjoyable and safe on-field team experience for this weekend. Each age group will be provided a plan of action prior to what would have been their next on-field practice.

Stay safe,


Leon & Marty